About Us

澳门百老汇Sinolight Surfactants Technology CO., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to SLSAC) is a member of Sinolight Corporation Group and was officially established in December 2011 in Shanghai Jinshan Chemical Industrial Park covering 91 acres. The project of SLSAC called “Industry Demonstration Base of Non-ionic Surfactants”, which is gained the main supports by the National Development and Reform Commission Ministry and it is also the largest implementation project of National Surfactant engineering center as so far, the total investment is 328.79 million Yuan. Now it has completed the first phase (100000t/a) of the construction scale. SLSAC introduces the advanced ethoxylation loop reactor of HH, equips DCS system with high safety and uses the manufacture technology with independent intellectual property rights to produce. In addition, SLSAC provides some series of the main products, such as FMEE (Fatty Methyl Ester Ethoxylates), NOE (Oil Ethoxylates),(AEO) Narrow distribution Alcohol Ethoxylates and etc. SLSAC aims to promote the ecology and functional development of China Surfactant Industry.